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Wasted Youth 6th annual art show 16.08.2014

baby body flyer


It’s the time of year again for our annual Seattle Tattoo Expo after party and art show reception for Wasted Youth-Baby Body Suits! August 16th at the shop (2118 2nd Ave Seattle WA 98121) we will have art from our very own tattooers – Josh Sharpe, Matt Lentz, Justin McCroy, Siobhan Creedon, Jillian Karosa, Rex Roxwell, Joel Kennedy, Alex Sherker and Leo Darlin. We will also be featuring local artists and many artist from around the world: Dave Waugh, Joey Nix,  Crystal Barbre,  Takashi, Jason Roofe, Mikey Tubs, Levi Walker, Tehya Sullivan, Qwitty, Tyler Charles, Burrey, Brodie Jackson, Millie Loveknuckles, Josh Roelink,  Paul Murphy “Frog”, Angel Silva, Henry Rodriguez, Donny Didit, Mark Lording, Danny Young, Morgwn Pennypacker, Richard Compean, Brett Eberhard, Tristan Bentley, Sam Kane, Luke Mills, Greg Reiman, Hambone, Matt Qualie, Rage Chris, Frank Elliot, Rachel Snyder, Nick Filth, Steve Minerva, Scott Qunney, Kyle Harrison, Ben Chapman, Josh Stephens, Aalaska Street Tattoo, Tattoo Emporium, Chucho (old gold), Salem Ofa, Simon Erl, Lisa Del Toro, Christopher Gay, Kyle Borghardt, Ludvic Pitre, Dean Sacred Japhy Witte, Baso Fibonacci, Nicat Nite , Patrick Conlon, Nalla Smith, Mark Harada , Sima Ijadi, Mike Schwetgert , Steven Huie , Benjamin Haft , Nick Caruso , Rich Fie, Mehai Bakaty , Mark Karremans,  Basia , Slick Nick Nico Mensinga , Heidi Shek, Torie Larson, Mike Barker, 179, Carlos Aguilar, Ksera, Kevin Drake, Jeffrey Taylor, Quincy Quigg, Merlot, and many more! Come eat, drink, and view an exhibition of artwork  you will not forget! There will be a silent auction on all the featured pieces and any monies collected above the artist set base price will be donated to an at risk youth charity

It’s going to be a night of reunion, indulgence, and art appreciation! Come one, come all!

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