Joshua Sharpe

Thanks !j_mat_!! You’re the best! Tattoo by @jsharpe_utn @undertheneedletattoo
Custom cover up tattoo of a neo traditional peony in bold colors. Tattoo by @jsharpe_utn @undertheneedletattoo
Full backpiece of Crow & Dragon By @jsharpe_utn @undertheneedletattoo
Color illustrative sleeve by @jsharpe_utn @undertheneedletattoo
Color Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo Backpiece By @jsharpe_utn @undertheneedletattoo
Black and Grey Realism Tattoo of a Lotus Flower with background shading By @jsharpe_utn @undertheneedletattoo
Color Realism Bee By @jsharpe_utn @undertheneedletattoo
Full color Fern and Flower Side Tattoo By @jsharpe_utn @undertheneedletattoo
Full color Thigh Tattoo of Boba Fett from Star Wars By @jsharpe_utn @undertheneedletattoo
Full color Lotus Flower and background By @jsharpe_utn @undertheneedletattoo
Lower Back Full Color Galaxy Theme Inspired By @jsharpe_utn @undertheneedletattoo
Realism Black & Grey Lion On the Leg By @jsharpe_utn @undertheneedletattoo
Full Color Illustrative Tattoo of Man with Hourglass on forearm By @jsharpe_utn @undertheneedletattoo
Red and Green Flower Tattoo with Smoke Shading By @jsharpe_utn @undertheneedletattoo